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Austin Divorce LawyerSince 1996, Hilton Moore, has been a attorney that caters to the needs of individuals in the areas of Family Law and Estate Planning.

Family Law involves mainly divorce and divorce-related issues, including custody, possession, child support, the division of property and debts, and subsequent modifications.  It can also include adoptions.  These areas require that an attorney be proficient at the law involved, but also able to assist clients at a very emotional time in their lives.

Estate planning includes the drafting of Wills and Powers of Attorney, as well as the probating of estates after a death has occurred.  These are subjects that people are hesitant to deal with proactively, and extra care must be taken when assisting a client who has experienced the death of a loved one.

Hilton Moore also has an extensive mediation practice, primarily in the areas of Family Law.  Mediation involves helping parties to lawsuits explore options for settlement that would avoid the need for court battles.  A lawyer cannot simultaneously serve as the representative for one side of a case and also as the neutral mediator, so these are usually cases brought to the attorney for mediation by the other attorneys on the case.

He is personally involved with each client and in each case from inception to conclusion.

Hilton Moore offers experience and sound advice from an attorney you can trust during difficult times in your life.

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