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Austin willsBasic Estate Planning package consists of:

  • a Last Will and Testament including distribution of your estate, appointment of executors, appointment of guardians and setting up a trust for children under a certain age.

  • a Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, designating an agent to make property and financial decisions on your behalf if you are temporarily incapacitated.

  • a Medical Power of Attorney, designating an agent to make medical/surgical/treatment decisions on your behalf if you are temporarily incapacitated.

  • a Directive to Physicians (AKA Living Will), stating that you do not want to be kept alive artificially if permanently and totally incapacitated.

If you are in need of an Austin Wills attorney, I can provide prompt and professional service at a reasonable price. As an Austin Wills and Estates attorney, I believe these documents meet the basic needs that most people are trying to satisfy when making estate plans. More complex plans to meet more complex needs are also available.

Although some are reluctant to spend the money to obtain a properly drafted Wills Package, the cost pales in comparison to the cost of probating an estate when no Will or Wills have been created, or when Wills have been prepared incorrectly, such as when using forms that are poorly constructed or not tailored to the needs of the client. The cost of having a properly qualified Austin Wills and Estates attorney draft your documents correctly is money well spent, and will save your estate significantly over time.

The Austin area that I primarily serve includes the surrounding counties bordering Austin, but I can also provide Wills Package services for clients anywhere in the state of Texas.

For more information on why these types of documents are important to you and your family, click this link: Austin Wills


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